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DOVPO brand e cig most popular e cigarette exhibition in TX

Today, I came to join the Vapor Show in San Antonio United States with Mr Lee (CEO of Shenzhen DOVPO Tech co.,ltd).According to report, China is the manufacturing country of electronic cigarette, 90% of the e cigarette is for export and the United States is the electronic cigarette consumer. Many analysts predict that electronic cigarette are expected to exceed the ordinary tobacco in the future market.

DOVPO brand electronic cigarette is a new electronic product than other e products. Dovpo e cigarette is a low voltage microelectronic atomization devices, the solution has the tobacco flavor by heating atomized into smoke-like for smokers and this e cig by the air sensing switch, intelligent control circuits, smart chip, lithium ion batteries and other microelectronic technology components.

Now the popular DOVPO electronic cigarette has been constantly updating its technology with fast update speed, much more advanced technology and performance than other company e cigarette in shenzhen.

Whether it is the first or the second generation of electronic cigarette, its basic structure is generally components by lithium battery, atomizer, smoke bomb. The basic principle is: Open the pneumatic switch through the air, let the battery to power the nebulizer, atomizer heating oil mist let smoke into the smoke, people can enjoy a real cigarette smoke like a special feeling in the pumping process. The use of modern microelectronic technology, humane simulate the entire process of smoking on smokers to meet the physical, psychological, behavioral dependence on cigarettes.

DOVPO Compared with traditional cigarette,  Dovpo e cigarette is with the following advantages: According to Mr.Lee, electronic cigarettes have good health and high ratio of performance, these advantages make it have alternative to cigarettes, can even create new demand, is the key reason for the increase in its quickly.