Blotto Mini RTA Available Now

As you know,the Blotto RTA is the best RTA in 2019,it’s famous for its flavor and design. Now we bring you the Blotto Mini RTA,it has everything you loved in the original Blotto RTA in a smaller package.

Blotto Mini RTA has the exact same airflow and deck design as the original Blotto, giving you 242 degrees of airflow,a 2ml capacity and 4ml with bubble glass, of course it still has a dual diffusion airflow for that smoother draw.


Size: H23.3*D44mm

Dripper Like Flavor

Dual or Single Coil Configuration

242° Airflow Direct to Coils

Smooth Honey Comb Bottom

2ml Capacity Straight Glass

4ml Capacity Bubble Glass

Easy to Fill

Bottle Opener Included

5 colors to choose from

Size Comparison:

The original Blotto is 25.5mm diameter on the left

While the Blotto Mini is 23.3mm diameter on the right

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