• The Topside Battery Door Issue

    The Topside series is one of the most popular products from DOVPO. And a lot of vapers learned about DOVPO through this product line. On the one hand, we can’t appreciate enough for the support & the love. On the other hand, we knew very clearly that a lot of customers have met the same batte...
  • About the 2021 Spring Festival Holiday

      Spring festival is a traditional and also one of the most important festivals for all Chinese people. During the holiday, we’ll have a long vacation and celebrate with family and close friends. But inevitably, it’ll also cause some inconvenience for customers because we won’t be able to provide...
  • DOVPO Products ED-ID Number List

    As one of the most beloved vape brand, DOVPO has already finished the TPD registration for all products. And all DOVPO products have been notified MHRA via the European Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG). You can learn more information about MHRA on GOV.UK. If you still need any further information, fee...

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