Payment Guidance

At the very first, thank you guys so much for purchasing from We do appreciate all your support.

You may know that for a very long time, Paypal is pretty much the most popular payment method among vape companies. But due to their latest policy, Paypal will no longer accept vape payments. That’s why we have to use credit card as our payment method on our site.

We apologize for all the inconvenience for customers who don’t use credit cards.


Q: What credit card do DOVPO ( accept?

A: Credit card is very common & easy to use. It has become very popular & well-beloved worldwide. There are many kinds of credit cards, but at the current moment, we only accept VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB cards. 


Q: How to make the payment on your site?

A: Actually, it’s quite easy. It’ll only take you couple steps.

  1. Choose the products you like & add them to your cart. Then place the order when you’re ready.
  2. When you made it to the the check out page and filled all the shipping info, you'll enter the payment page by hitting the "Continue to shipping" button.
  3. By then, please confirm all the shipping info & choose the shipping method we offered. And you're ready to the payment page.
  4. At the payment page, you'll probably see forms & info like below. And please hit the "Complete order" for the final step.

  1. After hitting the "Complete order" button, we'll go to the "Order confirm" page where the payment window should be pop out.

  1. Fill your card info and hit "pay" button to finish the shopping! 



Q: Why I didn’t see the credit card payment window?

A: If you didn’t see the payment window popping out automatically, then it may because your browser blocks all third-party cookies. By any chance if that happened, please set your browser to allow third-party cookies, or put our website to the white list. If it still didn’t work, you can try other browser or mobile to place the order.

Please contact our customer service if you need any further help.



Q: Why my payment went failed after I filled all my card info?

A: After you filled all your credit card info, there's still chance it won't work well. And here are some possible reasons & solutions:

  1. Wrong card number or wrong CVC number. In that case, we're afraid that you'll probably have to place the order again and do the steps all over again;
  2. Paying Bank rejected to pay. If you never bought anything online from China or overseas with your credit card, there's chance that your bank will refuse to transfer the money and concern about fraud. Contact you bank & explain the situation to the bank can effectively solve the problem.
  3. Our bank (The recipient bank) won't take the money. Yes, it happens too. If our bank received the payment from unmatched shopping IP and bill address, our bank would return the money and your order won't get paid successfully. In that case, please stop using VPN or another IP proxy when placing the order. Or please call your bank to explain the situation.
  4. We don't accept your credit card. At this moment, we only accept VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS & DINERS CLUB. Any other credit card won't be working.

Besides the 4 reasons above, there are always more. If you need any help with the payment, you're more than welcomed to contact us by

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