• Payment Guidance

    At the very first, thank you guys so much for purchasing from We do appreciate all your support. You may know that for a very long time, Paypal is pretty much the most popular payment method among vape companies. But due to their latest policy, Paypal will no longer accept vape pay...
  • What we should consider when buying a box mod?

    With time, vaping technology has evolved and its industry has also been growing. That is the reason there have been many options, which confuses a lot of beginners most of the time. So it would be easy for you to first get to know about all the essentials before diving into this deep sea of vaping products....
  • Why we use DNA chip?

    The most recent addition in the world of vape is the DNA Mod which is already driving people crazy. Let's see if they are any better from the other regular mods or not. What is DNA chip? Before starting off, lets study about the DNA chips that are used in these mods that making them the best of t...

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