What is our Co-branding project?

Co-branding is a form of cooperation between two brands with significant consumer recognition that results in the creation and introduction of a new product on which both brands are visible. Since 2018, Dovpo has collaborated with the top leadership in the vaping industry to release co-branded collections.We’ve partnered with the trusted vaping Youtube reviewers The Vapor Chronicles, Mike Vpaes, The Vaping Bogan, Vaping biker, Signature Tips, VaperzCloud, Mr. Justright1 and Deer vape from Korea to create advanced products that coordinate with the vape fans. The main aim of our collaboration projects is to provide every Dovpo fan with the best in class and innovative devices.


The Odin series are the collaboration created by Dovpo,Vaperz Cloud and youtube reviewer,The Vaping Bogan. The first mod is DNA250C which changes regulated device hardnesses.The power of dual 21700 batteries and the intuitive EVOLV DNA chip to bring you better battery life and intelligent interface. If you are after a tailor-made vape experience, you can literally tweak and modify every aspect of your puff! We devloped different featured ODIN to meet Dovop fan’s needs. These series are an amazing experience that will help you rock life, whatever that means to you. They bring perfection and make you entire vaping experience a whole lot better.


While developing the devices, we took design, user experience, innovation and affordability into consideration, aimed to create best overall products for vapers.Along with our creative team in Dovpo and partners around the world, Dovpo will continue to devote our efforts serving our customers and users!


The Blotto Mini RTA is a collaboration between Dovpo and Vaping Bogan.Get your hands on the new Blotto Mini RTA, it has everything you loved in the original Blotto RTA in a smaller package. Experience the flavor of an RDA in a stealthier compact rebuildable tank.

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