• Which Odin Should You Use


    Every beginner to vaping has come across a dilemma of what regulated device or mod would best suit them. So in this blog topic we will cover how to choose the best regulated device.We have the Odin DNA, the Odin 200 watts and the Odin Mini,do you know which Odin should you use ? Read More

  • 3 new colors for Odin DNA250C Mod available now


    Hi Dovpo Fans,We have 3 new colors for Odin DNA250C now,so 6 colors in total.Which one do you prefer ? Read More

  • New! Odin Mini DNA75C


    The Odin mini is a single battery DNA mod from DOVPO in collaboration with vaperz clouds and Vaping bogan.
    Its a small and stealthy single 21700 device powered by the DNA 75c,the odin mini measures 36.3mm x 32mm x 90.5mm annd is made of aluminum alloy making it very light weight and very compact. Read More

  • Blotto Mini RTA Available Now


    As you know,the Blotto RTA is the best RTA in 2019,it's famous for its flavor and design. Now we bring you the Blotto Mini RTA,it has everything you loved in the original Blotto RTA in a smaller package. Read More

  • A new member of the ODIN series coming soon


    Hello Dovpo fams,we are pleased to announce that a new member of the ODIN series coming soon,the ODIN Mini. It is the smallest member of the ODIN series! Read More

  • Earth Day: The Impact of Vaping on the Environment


    Today is Earth Day,on Earth Day, let's learn about the impact of vaping on the environment - Dovpo Read More

  • What is Replay Mode for DNA Chip


    In this blog we will introduce you what is Replay Mode for DNA Chip and how to use replay mode. Replay is the most advanced vaping technology developed by Evolve. Replay is intended to capture the flavor and satisfaction of the ”perfect puff”, and provide the same level of performance and consistency on all subsequent puffs. The replay will also prevent the device from getting dry hits. Read More

  • What are the benefits of Vaping over Smoking Cigarettes?


    Nearly 3 out of 5 smokers want’s to quit the habit and lessen the Nicotine dependency. With smoking being the leading cause of Preventable Deaths. Vaping was developed as a nicotine delivery system with the main purpose of being used as a placebo for smoking. Vaping or electronic cigarette use has c Read More

  • What use is the Voltage display on regulated mods


    In this blog we will discuss why the voltage display is used and why it exists. Have you ever wondered why you get extremely hot vapor experiences on some builds and some not? That’s because you possibly are feeding too much power to your coils - Dovpo Read More

  • An introduction to Mechanical Mod


    In this blog we will be introducing you to the BASICS of mechanical mod usage - Dovpo Read More

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